WUMA started manufacturing gear reducers / gearboxes in 1995. Since then we have been committed to providing high quality products and industry solutions to our global customers in the field of gear transmission.

Multiple types of gear reducers and customized services provide suitable solutions for customer demands in different industries. Including ceramic machinery, stone machinery, pharmaceutical machinery, Lithium battery industry, environmental protection equipment, medical equipment, cement industry, mining, construction machinery, conveyor system, etc.
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MB MBN Speed Variator

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Planetary cone-disk variator is designed with the advanced know-how of both at hoe and abroad and can be used for both light-industrial traded, such as food, pharmaceutical, plastic, paper-making, ceramic, tobacco,printing etc., and heavy-industrial trades, such as tool machine, petro chemistry, metallurgy, metallurgy etc., as well as for the trades of communication and transportation.

It features as below:

1、High strength: when reversed ly running with an impact load, it is of a reliable performance, able to precisely drive, without are coil and with a sufficient strength,
2、Large range of speed variation: its range of speed variation is 5 , i.e.its output speed ratio can be varied be between1:1.45 to1:25.
3、High precision of speed regulation: the precision of speed regulation is 0.5-1turn.
4、Stable performance: its driving parts are meticulously processed with specially heat treatment, resulting in good contact and lubrication, stable running, lownoise and long durability.
5、Compact structure, small volume and lightweight.
6、Strong capability to be combined: it is of a good capability to be combined with various reducers to realize low-speed step less variation.

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