WUMA started manufacturing gear reducers / gearboxes in 1995. Since then we have been committed to providing high quality products and industry solutions to our global customers in the field of gear transmission.

Multiple types of gear reducers and customized services provide suitable solutions for customer demands in different industries. Including ceramic machinery, stone machinery, pharmaceutical machinery, Lithium battery industry, environmental protection equipment, medical equipment, cement industry, mining, construction machinery, conveyor system, etc.
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Helical Gearbox

WUMA reducers use a modular design, making them adaptable to various motors and power inputs. They offer high transmission efficiency, achieving up to 96% in a single unit. The transmission ratio is precise and can be widely adjusted, allowing for low-speed, high-ratio outputs. Installation is flexible, supporting both horizontal and flanged mounting options, with dual bottom feet for stable placement.

  • 1. WUMA reductors are based on the building block design, so it's convenient for them to fit all types of motors or to connect with other power input.The same type of reductors can fit motors with different power, so that it's possible for different types of machines to combine or connect.

  • 2.High transmission efficiency.A single machine can reach a transmission efficiency as much as 96%.

  • 3.Precise division of transmission ratio with a wide range. The combination of machines can produce a larger transmission ratio at a low output rotational speed.

  • 4. Various ways of installation. Horizontal installation at any position or flanged installation. The bottom feet installs the machine that deceleration machine have two bottom feets processes to install the flat surface.

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