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Since the beginning of the manufacturing gearbox in 1995, WUMA has focused on developing different types of gearboxes and meeting customer needs in various fields.  So far, WUMA gearboxes have been widely used in various industries, such as ceramic industry, stone industry, chemical industry, medical industry, environmental protection industry, etc. Our accumulated experience in various industries will better serve our global customers. Meanwhile, our professional technical team will give appropriate suggestions according to customers’ needs.

In addition to standards and universal reducers, we also provide various customized services for global customers, including the installation size of input and output ends, and even customization of whole gearboxes. The customized gearboxes can perfectly match the customers’ equipments and have better operability and performance.
- Shafts&hore: length, diameter, modality
- Input&output flange
- Speed ratio
- Package
- Housing: color, material
- Complete gearbox customization
- Nameplate
- More
We have been manufacturing gearboxes since 1995 and have now sold the gearboxes to more than 80 countries. Combined with our experience in serving customers from various countries and different industries, we will provide professional and accurate suggestions and solutions to our customers.

We have always adhered to the principle of growing with customers, so we continue to train our customers, including complete professional knowledge and appropriate marketing strategies. In addition, we firmly believe that precious feedback and suggestions from customers are our motivation to grow continuously.
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