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Zhejiang Wuma Reducer Co. Ltd was established in 1995 and have been committed to developing and manufacturing various types of gear reducers and gearmotors for the field of gear transmission.

Our main products are WMRV worm gearboxes, helical gearboxes, WKM hypoid gear boxes, precision planetary gear reducers, etc., more than ten series of products. In addition, we also provide customized gearboxes and industry solutions to our global customers. Our gear boxes have been widely sold to all over China and exported to other countries and regions like Europe, North America, South America Southeast Asia, etc.

WUMA’s gearboxes have been exported to more than 80 countries. In many countries, local large companies in gear transmission have good cooperation with WUMA. All of these depend on our professional R&D technology team and high-precision processing equipments.
Each year our company invest lots of funds for new equipments to strengthen our production level. We have an annual production capacity of 600,000 pieces of gearboxes and strong technology ability. 


Made in WUMA, make world better!


Specialty Cooperation Innovation


Provide a green and efficient transmission scheme for the world


Sincere and trustworthy, co-creation and sharing
Our History​​​​​​​
Corporate Trademark
Honor Medal
Top 100 Companies in 2018
Top 100 Companies in 2021
Top 20 Industrial Companies in 2022
National High-Tech Enterprise
Wenzhou University Employment Internship Base
High-tech enterprise in Zhejiang Province
2014 Star Enterprise
Member unit of Laser Industry Association
General Machinery Industry Association Reducer Branch Membership Certificate
Wenzhou Enterprise Technology Center
The governing unit of the New Generation Association
Advanced Enterprise in Credit Management in Lucheng District
Reducer joint research and development base
2015 Meritorious Enterprise
Safety Production Standardization Level Three Enterprise
Enterprise With Harmonious Labor Relations
Class A management enterprise
2019-2020 Foreign Trade Credit Enterprise
Top 100 Companies in 2019
Branch Committee
Top 50 Industrial Enterprises in 2018
Safety culture construction demonstration enterprise
Top 50 Industrial Enterprises in 2015
Innovation Demonstration Enterprise
Top 100 Companies in 2020
Wenzhou famous brand products.
Vice President Unit of Wenzhou Packaging Federation
Member units of Tongmai Association
Vice President Unit of Wenzhou Packaging Federation
Wenzhou famous brand products.
The first batch of 100 honest enterprises
Key enterprise performance testing service points
Lucheng famous brand products
2018 Meritorious Enterprise
Unit member of Quality and Technical Supervision Association
Top 100 Enterprises in Lucheng District in 2017
Top 50 enterprises of Wenzhou Packaging Federation
2013 Star Enterprise
2006-2007 Advanced Unit
Member unit of Wenzhou Packaging Federation
Lucheng District Government Quality Award
2001 Enterprise Credit Rating AAA
Lucheng District Enterprise Technology Research Center
Precision Planet Wenzhou Enterprise Technology Research Center
Top 100 Enterprises in Lucheng District in 2015
National High-Tech Enterprise
Top 100 Enterprises in Lucheng District in 2016
Lucheng District Credit Management Demonstration Enterprise in 2019
2016-2017 Star Enterprise
2017-2018 Credit Enterprise
Zhejiang Machinery Industry Science and Technology Award
2011-2012 Class A tax paying enterprise
Quality management system certification
Assessment Certificate of Integration of Informatization and Informatization Management System
Waste-free factory certificate
Patent Certificate
A steering device for stone cutting
An integrated differential planetary reducer for cranes
An energy-saving reducer with high efficiency transmission
A large-diameter combined support raceway worm gear reducer
An adjustable turbine reducer
A new type of planetary worm gear reducer for vehicle-mounted lifting equipment
A kind of elastic preloading clamp for the end face of gear shaft of reducer
High-strength vehicle-mounted lifting truss special planetary gear reducer
A noise reduction box structure for gear reducer
Micro wind power accelerator
Precision linkage double output worm gear reducer
New precision worm gear reducer
A special reducer for lightweight cranes
A protective buffer gear reducer
Combined double output shaft mixing special reducer
A kind of planetary steering multi-drive reducer for textile machinery
A kind of consumption-reducing industrial fan reducer
A new type of twin-turbo reducer
A new type of high temperature resistant reducer
A high-sealing underwater operation reducer
A high-strength and high-torque planetary reducer
A new type of gapless worm gear reducer
An adjustable precision planetary gear reducer
A combined wave gear reducer
A high sealing and low noise reducer
A reducer with an anti-overload automatic unloading mechanism
An improved reducer for operating in high-pollution and high-corrosion environments
A synchronous precision positioning worm gear-planetary gear reducer
A vehicle-mounted shift reducer
A universal tie rod reducer for planetary gears
A special reducer for harvesters
A detachable modular prop

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