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WUMA are a global transmission company, who committed to providing green and efficient transmission solutions. WUMA has 28 years of experience in research, development, design, and manufacturing of reducers. During the 24 years of product export, it has accumulated a customer base from 78 overseas countries, who has the strength to compete with other international brands of gearbox. In the past three years, WUMA has bucked the trend and made significant breakthroughs in both sales and technical strength. With the launch of the new factory, WUMA is bursting with the spirit and vitality of the younger generation of management.
Our intelligent manufacturing integrates a new manufacturing method of new generation information technology and advanced manufacturing technology. With the help of intelligent and networked means, it runs through all aspects of the entire life cycle of our gearbox products, manufacturing and services. Through the establishment of ERP+PLM + MES system optimization and integration to achieve high efficiency and green manufacturing, and continuously improve the company's product quality, efficiency, and service levels. Our intelligent system includes comprehensive digitization and interconnection of workshop management, as well as a higher level of automation and human-machine collaboration in production and processing, as well as the intelligence of key production links. It is more flexible, efficient and accurate, and can better meet individual needs,enhance the market competitiveness ability of our company.
We set up the First article inspection,Routine inspection and Completion inspection during production process, each inspection has traceable record. Every finished gearbox has 100% running test and air tightness test.
WUMA has various kinds of advanced testing equipments to make sure the accuracy of each part for our gearbox, like using three-coordinates measuring and gears detector to confirm the precision of gears and housings, and through emission spectrometer to analyze materials, and so on.
WUMA establish a professional team to make quality improvement and lean management. We make weekly review for datasheet, which helps us to a higher level of quality management.

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