What are the advantages and disadvantages of hypoid gear reducer

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Some hypoid gears are also called hypoid gears or zhi hypoid gears. They are a type of spiral bevel gears (spiral bevel gear inner gears). The general bevel gears have their axes intersecting perpendicularly, while those of hypoid gears The axes are perpendicular and do not intersect, and have a certain offset. As for the characteristics of the hypoid gear drive final reducer:

1. The same volume can achieve a larger transmission ratio.

2. The helix angle of the pinion is increased, so the strength of the pinion is improved (the pinion is the weaker strength of this gear pair. Considering the design of equal life, this will increase the life of the gear pair because of the common hyperboloids. Gears need to be paired and cannot be interchanged, so a complete set of gears must be replaced in a round of scrapping).

3. Because the offset will change the height of the center of gravity of the entire site, the lower offset is generally used to improve the stability, but for off-road vehicles, the upper offset is used to improve off-road performance.

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