The 2nd Wuma happy meeting

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On September 6, 2017, Mr.Zheng Yu, the general manager of Wuma, shared the change after using award point system. Then the managers from other companies and all Wuma staffs watched the 2nd Wuma happy meeting.
In this meeting, the persons who had high award points in August was awarded separately “Quality Pacesetter”, “Test Star”, “Progress Prize” and etc.
To mobilize the employees' initiative and promote the execution of system by award point, so the egalitarianism in distribution was broken and finally excellent staffs have the best benefits.
And then the main part in this meeting -- celebrating the staffs’ birthday, all people sang the birthday song to wish the persons whose birthday is in August.
The final part is lucky draw which is the most exciting part in this meeting. The intense applause and laughter were burst out when the big prize appeared one by one.

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