Introduction and application of gearbox

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The transmission is a mechanism used to change the rotation speed and torque from the engine. It can change the transmission ratio of the output shaft and the input shaft in a fixed or stepwise manner, also known as a gearbox. The transmission consists of a variable speed transmission mechanism and a control mechanism, and some cars also have a power output mechanism. Most of the transmission mechanisms are driven by ordinary gears, and some are driven by planetary gears. Ordinary gear transmission transmission mechanisms generally use slip gears and synchronizers.


(1) Change the transmission ratio to meet the traction requirements of different driving conditions, and make the engine work under favorable conditions as much as possible to meet the possible driving speed requirements. Change the speed of the car and the torque on the driving wheels of the car in a larger range. Due to different vehicle driving conditions, the driving speed and driving torque of the vehicle are required to be able to vary within a wide range. For example, the vehicle speed on the highway should be able to reach 100km/h, while in the urban area, the vehicle speed is often around 50km/h. When an empty car is driving on a straight road, the driving resistance is small, and when it is fully loaded uphill, the driving resistance is very high. The characteristic of automobile engines is that the range of speed change is small, and the range of torque change cannot meet the actual road conditions.
(2) Realizing reverse driving to meet the needs of reverse driving. To realize reverse driving of a car, the engine crankshaft generally can only rotate in one direction, and the car sometimes needs to be able to travel in reverse. Therefore, the reverse gear set in the gearbox is often used to realize the reverse driving of the car.
(3) Interrupt the power transmission, and interrupt the power transmission to the driving wheels when the engine is started, idling, the car is shifted or needs to be stopped for power output.
(4) Neutral is achieved. When the clutch is engaged, the gearbox may not output power. For example, it can be ensured that the driver releases the clutch pedal and leaves the driver's seat when the engine is not stalled.

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