Helical reducer structure principle

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The helical reducer is about 1.5m, installed on the guide rail. The hydraulic oil and speed control valve are inserted into the steel sleeve of the pipeline. When the wheel rolling speed exceeds a predetermined critical speed value, the retarder starts to brake. Each time you brake, the workload of the wheels rolling off the wheels is 10KJ. When the wheel rolling speed does not exceed the predetermined critical speed, the braking work is small. The former accounts for about 5%. The critical speed value must be adjusted in advance at the factory. You can choose 7 levels of critical speed values, ranging from 1.0-4.0m/s. Every 0.5m/s difference is one level. The bracket is used to fix the oil cylinder on the guide rail. The cylinder can be located in two positions: the brake position and the release position. There is also a powered pneumatic system that is operated by the signal builder using buttons. This type of reducer was first produced by the Swedish General Electric Company (ASEA).

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