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1)High strength of variable gearbox: when reversely running with an impact load, it is reliable and able to precisely drive, without a recoil and with sufficient strength.

2)Large range of variable speed transmission: the range of speed variation is 5 (i.e. its speed ratio can be varied between 1:1.45 and 1:7.25).

3)High precision of variable speed adjustment: the precision of speed adjustment is 0.5 to 1 turn.

4)Stable performance: the driving parts are all processed with special heat treatment, precision machining, resulting in good touch and lubrication, stable running, low noise and long life.

5)Compact structure, small volume and light weight.

6)Strong combination capability:it has a good capability to be combined with various reducers to realize low-speed stepless variation.

7)The output torque and power change when the output speed varies. It has a mechanical feature of changing output torque and power.

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  • MB/MBN series planetary cone-disk variator

    MB、MBN series variator is designed with advanced technology at home and abroad. It can be used for both light industries such as food、pharmaceutical、plastic、paper-making、ceramic、tobacco、printing etc., and heavy industries such as machinery tool、petrochemistry、metallurgy etc as well as for the transportation industry.

    Professional manufacturer of gearbox since 1995.

    Technical data:

    When input speed is 1500 r/min

    1)Input power range: 0.18〜7.5KW

    2)Output speed range: 10〜1000 r/min

    3)Allowed output torque: 1.5〜2062 N.m

    Speed change range:

    1)The basic type:200-1000r/min

    2)Variator with single stage gear(i=2.5-5):40-200r/min

    3)Variator with double stage gear(i=8-20):10-125r/min

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