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Alibaba Wenzhou e-commerce“Hundred Regiments Battle”

Alibaba Wenzhou e-commerce“Hundred Regiments Battle”orgarnized by Lucheng Commerce Bureau and Alibaba Wenzhou Branch, held in March 2019. In the 28 days, there were nearly 100 foreign trade e-commerce companies from all over Wenzhou city and total more than 300 people to determine the winner.

“Hundred Regiments Battle” is a competition organized by Alibaba for the excellent employees of foreign trade companies. It aims to enable foreign trade personnel to develop their own potential and enhance themselves, and meanwhile training excellent employees for these companies through this game. Alibaba is a platform for many small and medium-sized enterprises, there are many participants, so it is called “ Hundred Regiments Battle”! Through this competition, it promoted communication and exchanges between e-commerce and e-commerce, so that excellence will lead to excellence and success will lead to success, finally business owners, administrators and salesmen can grow.

The theme of this competition is“new dream, new journey”, and our team challenges to achieve higher sales performance in short time. The times create their heroes. Our team stood out and won the awards for sales king and awards for big customers and new customer development. Through this PK, we firmly believe that as long as you can insist, you can become the Super Saiyan in your mind.

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