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MK series modular gearbox
Based on design of the traditional helical gearbox , as well as to meet strong market demand, WUMA combines the European advanced technical experience, after three years reserch and development,MK series modular gearbox access to market successfully.

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  • MK Series Modular Helical Gearbox

    1.Saving the inventory investment and warehouse space.

    2.High transmisson efficiency,the single machine can reach as much as 96%.

    3. You could add spare parts when you need, like single output shaft, torque arms, output flange.

    4.Modularity allows distributors creat any new ratio quickly and flexibly by themselves to shorten the lead time greatly.

    5.Modular design can provide various kinds of ratio combination only through the simple transformation of high speed gears.

    MK Series Modular Helical Gearbox
    94%-98% (depends on the transmission stage)
    Housing material
    HT250 high-strength cast iron
    Gear material
    Surface hardness of gears
    HRC58°~62 °
    Input / Output shaft material
    Machining precision of gears
    accurate grinding, 6 Grade
    Lubricating oil
    Gear oil
    Heat treatment
    Carburizing and quenching
    Brand of bearings
    HRB heavy-duty bearing, C&U bearing
    Brand of oil seal
    NAK or other brand
    Noise (MAX)
    Temp. rise (MAX)
    40 ℃
    Temp. rise (Oil)(MAX)
    50 ℃

    Working Environment:

    1.Without industry limitation.

    2.Suitable for normal-reverse rotation.

    3.The working place should be lower than 1,000 meters above sea-level.

    4.Please consult our technical supporting deparment for other circumstances.

    5.Working temperature:-40~50(The lubrication should be heated until above 0 if temperature below 0.)

    6.The input speed should be less than 3,000 r/m,the circumferential speed of the gear should not exceed 20m/s.

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