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How to make the worm gear units longer service life?

For many customers, service life is one of the biggest concerns. So for the worm gear units, how to make it work for a longer time? This question is actually worth thinking about for the gearboxes manufacturers and users. Ensure that the worm gear unit has no problems as much as possible: 1. Avoid the […]

What are the differences between helical gear boxes and worm speed reducers?

The characteristics of the worm speed reducers: compact mechanical structure, light volume and shape, small and efficient; good heat exchange performance, fast heat dissipation; easy installation, flexibility and lightness, superior performance, easy maintenance and repair; stable operation, low noise, durable; usability strong, safe and reliable. The characteristics helical gear boxes: a novel reduction transmission device. […]

What is a worm gear box?

Worm gear box is a power transmission device composed of worm gear and worm. It is also called worm gear reducer / worm gear motor / worm drive gearbox in different countries. It is widely used and It can be seen in all kinds of mechanical transmission systems, from our daily food industry, packaging industry to industrialized transportation industry, solar energy Industry, car […]

What are the features of helical gearmotors(WR/WK/WF/WS Series)?

Helical gearmotor is a kind of precision machinery. Wuma’s helical gearmotors are mainly four series, including WR series, WK series, WF series and WS series. The followings are the brief introduction to these four series of gearmotors. WR series is our best-selling series of the four series, because its full name is inline(coaxial) helical reducer. […]

What are the benefits of using a speed reducer for a motor?

The main benefits of using a speed reducer / gearbox for a motor are as follows:1.To use of a speed reducer can effectively protect the motor. The reducer receives a larger torque during operation. When it is overload, the overload value transmitted to the motor is low.2.It can save the cost to use the reducer. […]