How to make the worm gear units longer service life?

For many customers, service life is one of the biggest concerns. So for the worm gear units, how to make it work for a longer time? This question is actually worth thinking about for the gearboxes manufacturers and users.

Ensure that the worm gear unit has no problems as much as possible: 1. Avoid the reducer heating and oil leakage 2. Reduce the wear of the worm gear 3. Reduce the damage of the worm bearing. These three problems have targeted measures to solve.

In addition, the material selection of the worm gear reducer is also very important. If the processing technology and material selection of the worm gear reducer are not done well, it may cause the failure of the transmission. It is also a problem that reducer manufacturers may encounter when producing parts. For example, the hardness of the hard surface reducer does not meet the requirements, and the bearing design of the screw elevator is unreasonable. Similar problems will occur.

Due to the large meshing friction of the worm drive and the machining error of the worm gear, it is difficult for the processed worm gear tooth surface to fully meet the theoretical requirements with the matching worm tooth surface. Therefore, the worm and worm gear teeth must have both wear resistance and good running-in performance in terms of material combination. The worm material is generally made of alloy steel or high-quality carbon steel, and the worm tooth surface is subjected to heat treatment such as carburizing, quenching or nitriding to obtain higher hardness. Tin bronze is the most ideal material for worm gear ring gear, and centrifugal casting has the best performance in processing technology.

Do you know the factors that affect the service life of the gear box?

1. The installation and commissioning process of the reducer is not strict enough, and the problems found are not dealt with in time.

2. The quality of the reducer itself is poor.

3. The maintenance and maintenance of the reducer is not enough, and the operation of the equipment is not checked regularly on time.

4. The worm gear reducer is overloaded.

5. The operator is not familiar with the equipment structure, performance, allowable load, lubrication and related technical parameters.

6. The lubrication management is not enough, the selection of lubricating oil is unreasonable, and the lubricating oil is not replaced in time according to the relevant regulations.

In order to prolong the service life of the worm gear box, attention should be paid to standardized operation during use. Whether the operation method is correct or not can directly affect the quality of the equipment and production safety.

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