What are the differences between helical gear boxes and worm speed reducers?

The characteristics of the worm speed reducers: compact mechanical structure, light volume and shape, small and efficient; good heat exchange performance, fast heat dissipation; easy installation, flexibility and lightness, superior performance, easy maintenance and repair; stable operation, low noise, durable; usability strong, safe and reliable.

The characteristics helical gear boxes: a novel reduction transmission device. Using the advanced design concept of optimization and modular combination system, it has the properties of small size, large transmission torque, stable starting, and finely graded transmission ratio. Customers connect it arbitrarily and can select various installation positions according to customers’ requirements.

Features of helical gear boxes:

  1. Space saving, reliable and durable, high overload capacity, power up to 200KW;
  2. Low energy consumption, superior performance, and the efficiency of the gear reducers is as high as 95%;
  3. Small vibration, low noise and high energy saving;
  4. Using high-quality forged steel material, rigid cast iron boxes, and the surface of the gear undergoes high-frequency heat treatment;
  5. After precision machining to ensure shaft parallelism and positioning bearing requirements, the reducer forming the helical gear drive assembly is equipped with various types of motors. Combining into mechatronics, which fully guarantees the quality of the product.

Advantages of WMRV series worm speed reducers:

  1. High adaptability: WMRV worm reducers is widely used in servo, stepping, DC and other transmission systems due to its small size and high transmission efficiency. The main function is to ensure the premise of precision transmission, and also to reduce the inertia ratio of the rotational speed to increase the torque.
  2. Low energy consumption. During use, the vibration is small and the noise is low;
  3. High applicability. WMRV reducers adopts planetary sealing device, which has good protection performance and strong environmental adaptability, and can work continuously in harsh environments such as corrosion and humidity;
  4. Strong versatility. Low maintenance cost during use.
  5. Save space. Simplify design and save space.

We can see from the above that WMRV worm speed reducers will work in real application, and it is a kind of transmission machinery that technical engineers prefer.

Advantages and disadvantages of helical gear boxes:


1. Good meshing performance, low vibration, low noise and stable transmission.

2. The degree of coincidence is large. The load of each pair of gear teeth is reduced, the bearing capacity of the gear is relatively improved, and the service life is long;

3. Because of the surface contact, the force area is large, and the transmission torque is large, so people often use it in heavy machinery;

4. The allowable use of helical gears The minimum number of teeth is less than that of the spur gear, so the helical gear is not prone to undercut;

5. The helical gear mechanism is more compact, smaller in size, lighter in weight and higher in transmission precision than the spur gear.


1. The price is high;

2. The herringbone helical gear has a high technical content and is more complex to manufacture.

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