What is a worm gear box?

Worm gear box is a power transmission device composed of worm gear and worm. It is also called worm gear reducer / worm gear motor / worm drive gearbox in different countries. It is widely used and It can be seen in all kinds of mechanical transmission systems, from our daily food industry, packaging industry to industrialized transportation industry, solar energy Industry, car wash industry, etc.
What is the features of worm gear box?
Structural features of worm gear box:
A large transmission ratio can be reached, which is more compact than a cross-axis helical gear mechanism.
The meshing tooth surfaces of the two wheels are in line contact, and its load-bearing capacity is much higher than that of the cross-axis helical gear mechanism.
Worm drive is equivalent to spiral drive, which is a multi-tooth meshing drive, so the transmission is stable, the noise is low, and it is self-locking.
When the lead angle of the worm is less than the equivalent friction angle between the meshing gear teeth, the mechanism has self-locking property and can realize reverse self-locking, that is, the worm can only be driven by the worm, but the worm cannot be driven by the worm. For example, the self-locking worm mechanism used in its heavy machinery, its reverse self-locking property can play a safety protection role
The transmission efficiency is low, and the wear is more serious. When the worm gear is meshed for transmission, the relative sliding speed between the meshing gear teeth is large, so the friction loss is large and the efficiency is low. On the other hand, the relative sliding speed means that the tooth surface wears severely and generates heat. In order to dissipate heat and reduce wear, more expensive materials with better anti-friction and anti-wear properties and good lubricating devices are often used, so the cost is higher. , The axial force of the worm is larger.

Where is it used for self-locking function of worm gear box?
Application of self-locking function of worm gear box:
In the transmission mode of the reducer, the worm gear transmission has the characteristics that other gear transmissions do not have, that is, the worm can easily rotate the worm wheel, but the worm wheel cannot rotate the worm. This is because the structure and transmission of the worm gear is achieved through friction.
The self-locking function of worm gear transmission is very useful in mechanical applications, such as winches, conveying equipment and so on. However, it is also because of the frictional transmission method of the worm gear that the transmission efficiency of the worm gear is much lower than that of the gear transmission.
Not all worm gear reducers have a good self-locking function, and the self-locking function of worm gears can only be realized when a certain speed ratio is achieved. This is related to the lead angle, that is, the self-locking function of the worm gear with a small speed ratio is not so ideal.

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