Hannover Messe|Expand The European Market

Recently, Hannover Messe ended perfectly last week.
At this exhibition, WUMA brought the main series of product lines to Hannover. Including WMRV worm gearboxes, helical gearboxes, modular gear reducer, etc.

Among them, modular gear reducers stood out in a crowd of exhibits once it was exhibited, becoming the focus of the audience. Many local experts, exhibitors and customers have a strong interest in its design and advantages.

In just five days, WUMA team met with old customers and agents in Europe in Germany.
The reunion after many years, WUMA team introduced the new factories and the achievements in digital intelligent manufacturing, as well as the changes and improvements of enterprises in craftsmanship, management, and sales in the past three years.

The excellent performance, company strength, and product aspects of WUMA have been affirmed by customers, and said that they are looking forward to the next meeting.

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