Wuma and Wenzhou University launched the school-enterprise co-creation activity

On June 9, 2022, Zhejiang Wuma Reducer Co., Ltd. and Wenzhou University launched “The laser red” school-enterprise co-creation activity. The two parties signed a school-enterprise cooperation framework agreement to formally carry out industry-university-research cooperation, and provide guidance on talent training, student training, and employment. and scientific research cooperation. Subsequently, the awarding ceremony of the employment learning practice base was also held.

Zheng Yu, general manager of Wuma, said that through this event, taking joint tackling key problems as the starting point, he will join hands with Wenzhou University to carry out all-round cooperation, increase the joint training of applied talents, strengthen the combination of production and education, and strengthen employment and internships. Cooperation in other aspects, and increase cooperation in research and development and the transformation of scientific research results. The two parties will push the integration of production, education and research to a new height through complementary advantages and resource sharing.

Representatives of both parties signed relevant agreements, which will further accelerate the pace of cooperation between schools and enterprises in talent training, scientific and technological research and development, and transformation of achievements, so as to achieve a win-win situation on the road of future cooperation and development, and provide a broader space and more solid platform.

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