What are the features of helical gearmotors(WR/WK/WF/WS Series)?

Helical gearmotor is a kind of precision machinery. Wuma’s helical gearmotors are mainly four series, including WR series, WK series, WF series and WS series. The followings are the brief introduction to these four series of gearmotors.

  1. WR series inline helical gearmotors

WR series is our best-selling series of the four series, because its full name is inline(coaxial) helical reducer. The biggest advantage of the coaxial reducer is that it is easy to install, adaptable, reliable and durable, and has a high overload capacity. We have a rule for the model naming of the R series gear reducer, which is basic model + digital model + reduction ratio + motor model (frame number) + motor pole number + installation orientation.

  1. WF series parallel shaft helical gearmotors

There are several basic types of parallel shaft helical gearbox. This is a parallel shaft helical gear reducer and its output mode is parallel shaft. Parallel shafts are characterized by the modular design principle of unit structure, which greatly reduces the types of parts and inventory, and greatly shortens the delivery time. The ribbed high-rigidity cast iron box and gears are made of high-quality alloy steel, also the surface is carburized and hardened and the teeth are finely processed, smooth transmission, low noise, large carrying capacity, low temperature rise, and long life. It is suitable for high-precision processing, but the disadvantage is that the cost is relatively high.

  1. WK series helical bevel gearmotors

WK series is relatively more complicated in structure. The characteristics of bevel gears are noise reduction, vibration reduction, light weight, low cost, etc., and it is beneficial to improve the overall load-bearing capacity. However, the requirements for matching with bevel gears are high, the conditions are diverse, and the design and manufacturing cycle is long. Sometimes a custom-made spline hollow shaft is required, sometimes a hollow shaft locking plate is required to install at the foot, and sometimes a flange hollow shaft is specially designed. In addition, there are a lot of basic types, and the hollow shaft occupies the majority.

  1. WS series helical-worm gearmotors

WS series helical worm gearbox is the most technical in the four series. Helical-worm gear reducer is also called right-angle reducer, with self-locking function. Worm gear is a rotary power machine that converts the energy of flowing work into mechanical work. The difficulty level of S series processing and manufacturing links is almost the same as the above three series, but it is really difficult in the design link.

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