What are the benefits of using a speed reducer for a motor?

The main benefits of using a speed reducer / gearbox for a motor are as follows:
1.To use of a speed reducer can effectively protect the motor. The reducer receives a larger torque during operation. When it is overload, the overload value transmitted to the motor is low.
2.It can save the cost to use the reducer. If it is directly undertaken by the motor, it may cause damage to the motor. When the load is too large, the reducer will be damaged first and the reducer can be restored to normal only by replacing parts, and the cost is relatively low. If the motor is directly damaged, the maintenance time is relatively longer and the cost is also higher.
3.Effectively reduce the moment of inertia, and the reducer can control the start / stop / speed change in time. Increasing the torque through the reducer is equivalent to increasing the input power, which can reduce the required power by the input motor (In places where speed needs to be adjusted). Normally, the motor is more expensive than the reducer, So it is cost-effective to use a reducer.
4.It can effectively save energy. When the reducer is used to make the motor meet the output torque, the current is reduced a lot.
5.To use a reducer can effectively reduce the speed of the motor and increase the torque.
6.To use the gearbox can reduce the load inertia of the motor.

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