Hypoid gearboxes are remodeled to WKM series

In order to better meet customers’ needs, our company has recently remodeled the hypoid gearboxes. The appearance has been greatly changed from before. The series name has been changed from WAH to WKM. The new version of the hypoid gearboxes has a modular design, which makes it easier for customers to convert from a two-stage transmission to a three-stage transmission.

The main features of the hypoid reducer are the same as before:

1. Same mounting size as worm gearbox

2. The maximum ratio can reach 300:1

3. The efficiency is 90~92% and efficiency does not decrease as the speed ratio changes(Refer to the chart below)

4. Longer service life than worm gearbox.

Compared with the worm gear reducer, the hypoid reducer has a greater advantage and we believe that it will be more affirmed by the market in the future.

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